How to make your silicone sex dolls look more like real people?


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Nowadays, with the development of society, silicone sex dolls have become the choice of many people. Some people’s love for silicone makes them think of taking silicone sex dolls with them when they go out. In order to conceal that they are silicone sex dolls, they often need some Here are some ways to make your silicone sex doll look like a real person:
1. High-Quality Materials: Choose silicone sex dolls made from high-quality materials that closely mimic the texture and appearance of human skin. Look for dolls with authentic features including detailed facial expressions, body contours and anatomical accuracy. Some suppliers will choose soft silicone to make the sex doll head look like a real person

2. Professional Makeup: Consider hiring a professional makeup artist to enhance the appearance of your sex doll. Clever makeup can add depth and realism to a doll's facial features, including shading, highlighting, and adding natural-looking blemishes like freckles or moles. Give your sex doll a professional make-up so she looks the same

3. Hair Design: Design the hair of your full size sex doll to make it look more natural and realistic. Experiment with different hairstyles, hair colors and hair lengths to find a style that complements the doll's features and enhances its realism.

4. Clothing and Accessories: Dress your sex doll in clothing and accessories that reflect your style and preferences. Choose clothing that fits well and flatters your doll's figure, and accessorizes with accessories like jewelry, scarves, or hats to add personality and authenticity.

5. Choose a wheelchair as a sex doll: When you need to go to the park with your silicone sex doll on a sunny day, remember to buy a wheelchair and dress her in beautiful clothes to make her look like your family. .
Of course, a silicone sex doll that looks like a real person will need a realistic sex doll heads, with voice and talking functions, which will make you feel like you are getting along with a real person!
By carefully selecting high-quality materials, customizing the doll's appearance, and paying attention to details such as makeup, hair, clothing, positioning, and more, you can create a silicone sex doll that closely resembles a real person.