F&W Fence Co. Inc.


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Company Name: F&W Fence Co. Inc. | Nestled in the heart of Willamette Valley, F&W Fence Co. Inc., has made its mark as a reputable fence company in Salem Oregon. Our skilled team provides comprehensive services as an accomplished fence contractor dedicated to meeting all your fencing requirements efficiently. Clients recognize us not just as a leading Salem Fence Company but also among esteemed wood fence companies that offer premium-quality timber enclosures designed for longevity and aesthetic finesse. As one of the proficient gate companies in Salem Oregon, we pride ourselves on designing and installing gates that provide security without compromising style—a signature offering from F&W Fence Co., Inc., catering to diverse tastes and properties across Salem. Working closely with homeowners and businesses alike, we fulfill our role as a trusted fencing supplier by ensuring every project reflects our commitment to excellence in construction, material choice and customer satisfaction—hallmarks you expect from an established Salem Gate Company such as ours.
Address: 2220 16th St NE, Salem, OR, 97301, US | Phone: 503-585-9655