traveling with a pet

Traveling With a Pet: The Top Tips You Need to Know

Can’t imagine leaving your furry friend at home while you travel? Well, maybe you don’t have to! The number of people traveling with pets continues to grow. Therefore airlines, hotels, and restaurants have become more accommodating to those traveling with pets. But the key to easy and stress-free pet travel is to be prepared. Read the list below for a few pro tips of traveling with a pet.

1. Always Call Ahead

You can sometimes research airline policies or hotel policies regarding animals and travel. However, just because you read something online, doesn’t make it true. Take the extra step and call or email for confirmation on pet policies. If an establishment doesn’t seem to have a pet policy, don’t assume anything. You don’t know until you ask!

2. Bring Necessary Documentation

When you’re traveling with a dog or cat (especially internationally) you should carry any relevant health records. Your pet doesn’t need a passport, but they can ask for proof of certain vaccinations. Make a copy of medical or vet records and keep them in your carry-on just in case. You might also want to schedule a check-up for your pet before your trip to make sure they are up-to-date on necessary vaccinations and that they are in overall good health.

3. Buy the Right Accessories

If you are planning to travel with a pet in the car, you may already have a carrying case that they are comfortable with. If not, consider buying a size-appropriate crate or carrier. Your pet should be able to sit, stand, and move with relative ease inside the crate. You should have a place for food and water in the carrier too. Make sure your pet will be comfortable during the journey so that they are less likely to disturb you or anyone else you’re traveling with.

4. Research Pet-Friendly Activities

No matter where your destination, you’ll want to find a few pet-friendly places you can go. This includes hotels, restaurants, or museums. You can also find pet friendly travel park destinations that are perfect for you and your dog! When you are building your vacation itinerary, keep in mind when you’ll have your pet with you and how that might change the requirements. You should also look into any special dog or animal laws at your destination. Researching ahead of time will prevent having to stress over changing plans.

5. Pack Smart

Just like when you pack your own suitcase, you’ll want to pack all the essentials for your pet. Include food, a water vessel, a leash, medication, and any other necessary items. Create a checklist of items so that you don’t have to buy anything when you get to your destination.

Traveling With a Pet and No Stress

Consider the pet travel tips above when planning your next vacation. Remember that the more prepared you are, the less you’ll have to worry about during your vacation. Traveling with a pet saves you the cost and worry of boarding the animal or having a friend pet-sit. You can enjoy a great trip and share it with your pet too! Don’t forget to call and double-check airline and hotel policies as those are the most common issues during travel. For more tips and advice on pet care, check out our other blogs!
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