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Could anyone imagine ten years ago that it would be possible to ask influencers for brand promotion via YouTube or Instagram, for instance? In fact, every year, new ways for advertising products and services appear. One of those innovative solutions is native advertising that has shown tremendous results over the last decade.

What is native advertising?

The concept of native advertising is relatively new in the digital world, so there is no exact definition for that. However, there are clear characteristics of this notion that form up the requirements for how the native ads should look like.

Most users come online for entertainment, work purposes, or obtaining the necessary information. During such online activities, people do not want to be disturbed by banners or highlighted ads. They would rather prefer to concentrate on what they are looking for.

Such human behavior is considered to be a core element when creating native advertising campaigns. Marketers aim to make native ads as unobtrusive as possible but noticeable at the same time.

Native ads are usually placed on social media platforms, search engines, and web resources. In order to find the right web placement that would be particularly suitable for your brand, consider the Lucky Ads service. It brings together advertisers and webmasters enabling fruitful cooperation between those.

To grasp the main idea of native advertising, examining newspapers and other printed media might be helpful. All the announcements and promotional offers are integrated throughout a magazine or newspaper smoothly. They are naturally embedded into the printed media item by matching the colors, design, and style.

As native advertising is widely used within the digital world, the above-mentioned principles are interpolated into the online environment. The ad would be considered native when it naturally matches the hosting space. As a result, it would look less like a traditional ad but attract more visitors.

When crafting a native ad, it is crucial to implement the corresponding type and design that would match the platform where it would be later posted. That way, a promotional announcement would look pretty natural and could be then easily integrated on the web resource.

What are the types of native advertising?

The Lucky Ads native advertising service offers a lot of hosting resources for advertisers. Depending on the chosen web platform, the requirements for the native advertisement might differ. The most common types of native advertisements and their descriptions are provided below.

In-feed posts

This is probably the most common form of native advertising as the majority of people use social media platforms all over the world. For example, a sponsored ad on Instagram looks like all other posts with the only difference of a tag or label attached.

Paid search

This type of native ad is prevailing in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. It usually appears at the top of the search results page and has a special tag indicating that to be a paid promotion.

Content recommendation widget

A content recommendation widget usually appears in the middle or bottom of the content page. It might contain a single recommendation or several article suggestions. The content widget contains sponsored content but it also matches the user’s interests at the same time.