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The Native Ads Network — The Best Business Partner for Advertisers and Webmasters

One of the most desired ad characteristics for publishers and advertisers is a natural look. You don’t want your ad to seem aggressive or irrelevant. It should be like a part of the overall content. If it’s not native, people are going to spot colorful banners and regard them as a distraction.

Marketing and advertising professionals are thinking of new ways to create native ads that would fit any webmaster’s site and achieve its goal.

Gladly, there is a company that keeps a perfect balance. The Advertising Network luckyads.pro manages to offer benefits and goal achievement for both webmasters and advertisers. Working with such a partner, you’ll get revenue by monetizing your website or get more traffic and leads due to excellent ads.

Let’s see what advantages the company has for both groups of clients! We bet at least one of them will be what you’ve been looking for ad-wise.

Advantages for Advertisers: Grow Your Business Quickly and Easily

If you’re a publisher, refer to the next section. But who knows, maybe after reading about ad benefits, you’ll want to advertise your source first!

After choosing the native ads network LuckyAds, you as an advertiser get:

  • More traffic.
    High-quality, curious traffic will engage in your marketing funnels and help to grow your company. Such results are achieved due to publishing partners of LuckyAds. They post great content which attracts people with high purchasing ability.
  • Effective native ads.
    This is the only kind you want in your marketing campaign. It’s interesting enough to capture attention yet not too bright to cause “banner blindness”. There is proof that people don’t react to ads that are too aggressive, so LuckyAds makes them look like they are actually a part of the website.
  • Speedy operation.
    When you launch an ad campaign with the service, it has to go through a moderation stage. Many companies would make you wait for several days. But here, there’s a whole team of specialists who control the process and will give you an answer ASAP.
  • Qualified support 24/7.
    The team will also help you prepare the campaign by providing 24/7 online support. Trained operators will answer all your questions and help you, no matter what stage of production you’re at. This is an amazing offer for beginner advertisers.
  • Ability to find your target audience.
    The service partners with thousands of websites on an enormous variety of topics. No matter what you sell and what message you want to pass to your TA, the best source to promote is definitely on the list.
  • Secure, easy, and transparent payments.
    The service only cooperates with secure, official payment methods. Every transaction is instant and without extra fees. You pay for every click on your advertisement. It’s very easy and there are no drawbacks.

There’s everything you need: great partners, transparent financial side, great terms. You can find out more by visiting the website of the company. Refer to the FAQ section and browse the site further to make sure you choose the leading and the most loyal ad platform.

Advantages for Publishers: Proper Monetization without Reputation Damage

If you’re in advertising, refer to the section above. But again, who knows, maybe you’ll want to add your service as LuckyAds partner after reading about these perks!

Here are your benefits as a publisher/webmaster or a service partnering with the native ad network:

  • Reliable advertisers.
    The company monitors every advertiser that turns for help. Every piece of content is checked and verified. The reputation of every client is clean, so there will be no issues as to the content that will be posted on your website.
  • An easy-to-use account.
    Your account contains all the data about your campaigns, as well as your balance. The service is very easy to use, so even if you’ve never cooperated with ad companies, it will be quite simple.
  • Payments anytime.
    You can withdraw earned money anytime. The method list is long, so you can choose the most convenient type of transaction for you. The service makes everything money-wise very transparent and convenient.
  • LuckyStore.
    You can get bonuses for every click and buy gadgets and accessories from LuckyStore. This makes sure you put some effort into the promotion of the ad posted on your website and get a gorgeous reward for it. (It’s optional, though, so no pressure).
  • Constant support.
    Contact customer support anytime from anywhere and get answers to your concerns and questions. Again, this is a great factor for beginners who have never collaborated with native ad networks before.

The list will become larger when you join the team!

How Do Native Ads Look?

There are three main ways of posting native ads that fit any website:

  • Expert’s opinion.
    In an article on a topic close to the advertiser’s industry, LuckyAds posts a piece of comment with a link. It looks very natural and provides value.
  • Recommended article.
    At the end or on the side of the main post, there’s usually a section with recommended articles. The advertiser’s link will be there.
  • A part of an article.
    A mention of the advertised website as a helpful source or a company that will help solve a problem. The website has the link in a visible spot, it, again, provides value and does its ad job.

Results of Cooperation with a Reliable Native Ad Network

As a result of such cooperation, the ad network gets a higher reputation and more clients. Webmasters monetize their sites to the fullest, and ad specialists have their creations on some of the best sources. 

Traffic comes and goes, but many people actually take interest in the products and services offered. You get loyal readers and potential buyers. And all of this is from a couple of ads posted on our partners’ pages.

If in doubt, contact LuckyAds for more information on your opportunities. If you’re a publisher, apply to become a partner and start making money without much effort!